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Always in touch with the latest trends and techniques, yet grounded on bedrock methods, Winning Directions is a true communications innovator.

Winning Directions created the concept of “The Right Message, to the Right People, at the Right Time.”

How those targeted messages were most effectively delivered used to be clear. But new technologies have expanded and complicated the delivery options. Making the right decisions requires experienced professionals who understand these complex choices. Winning Directions has adapted the strategy it pioneered to a full range of new communications platforms and tools, guaranteeing our clients we can continue to deliver on our promise to get the right message to the right people at the right time.

Campaign Review

Winning Directions is an experienced media communications firm. We have been involved in many different types of strategic communications projects and campaigns all over the country. We have experience with nearly every type of race, in nearly every state, with a vast number of candidates and organizations. We follow the trends, the players and the issues, and know what it will take for you to succeed.

Voter Targeting and Analysis

Winning Directions has pioneered voter targeting and analysis by developing our own unique approach and software. We know how to target voters most effectively, and have a network of data vendors across the country who help us implement our sophisticated communications approach to serve clients anywhere.

Message Development and Copy Writing

Message, message, message. Knowing what needs to be said and how it should be delivered is what makes Winning Directions the standout choice for communications. Your message is of utmost importance to winning your campaign. How you present that message needs to be tailored to each audience, while maintaining continuity and identity with the campaign and its overall theme.

Integrated Campaign Media Channel Analysis

Winning Directions will work with your campaign team or serve as a full-service media vendor.

Today’s options for media delivery are complicated and many. It takes a balanced, thoughtful approach to make smart and effective choices. Winning Directions will review, evaluate and develop a plan that utilizes the best course of action for your campaign.

To name a few key channels we work with:

  • The campaign website and blog(s)
  • Targeted cable
  • Targeted mail
  • Targeted phones
  • Targeted e-mails
  • Targeted new media, including social networking (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the whole host of new and emerging outlets)

The Road to Success

The modern campaign needs Winning Directions’ experience and guidance to create and deliver its message. We do this for you through a specially designed, fully integrated communications program, in which each element supports and reinforces every other element and ultimately leads to your victory.


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