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In 1959 he was elected Shop Steward for Local #750 and in 1961 he was elected a trustee to the Executive Board of that local.

In 1963 he was appointed a full time Business Agent for Local 750.

Freddy served as trustee and Vice President of Joint Council 38 in Sacramento and was also elected to serve for several years on the policy committee of the Western Conference of Teamsters and was on the original Teamster Legislative Board in Sacramento. He was later elected to serve as a trustee of the Western Conference of Teamster Pension Trust.

Freddy was appointed the Director of the Teamsters Farm Workers Division in 1969, as a result of his work with farm workers in Delano, California since 1965.

In 1970 he was elected Secretary Treasurer of the Teamster State of California Cannery Council. During those years Freddy was the assistant to the International Director of Food Processing Division Mr. Peter A. Andrade. When he retired, Freddy became the Director of the Western Conference of Teamsters food processing division until in 1996.

In January of the year 1974, Freddy was appointed by the Governor to the Workman's Compensation Advisory Board where he served for several years in that position.

In 1992 Freddy Sanchez was honored by the City of Hope at testimonial dinner at the Oakland Hilton Hotel as Labor Leader of the Year.

Freddy met John Ulrich, Union official for UFCW local 101 in 1994 and soon started working for local 101 as the director of Organizing.

In addition to his other endeavors, in 2009 Freddy joined Winning Directions as the Company's Director of Labor Relations.

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